Contact lenses

At Visionlive your opticians in Albox, we have a professional contact lens service in which we can advise you on which are the best lenses for your lifestyle. Once we have tested your ocular health, a topography and your prescription we can tell you which design and material best adapts to your eye.

  • We adapt disposable dailies, monthlies, trimestral lenses with all types of material and geometrics, spherical, toric and varifocals contacts.
  • We also adapt annual lenses
  • For special occasions such as Halloween you can choose fantasy lenses from an extensive catalogue to change the colour of your eyes, all of them come with the maximum quality guarantee because using contact lenses is not a child’s game even sporadic use must be adapted by a professional.
  • We also offer hard lenses in different materials according to your needs
  • Myopic control Lenses, which are highly used by children and teenagers who have a high level visual defect and with which by design and special material we can stop the progression of shortsightedness.

Each type of lens must be properly disinfected and hydrated to avoid disagreeable surprises, as each material and type of tears requires a maintenance solution adapted to each patient.

At Visionlive we know and we offer all the necessary products for your ocular hygiene and for the care and cleaning of your lenses.

  • Corneal topgraphy

This technology is very useful to help detect pathologies such as keratoconus or some types of degenerations diseases that can happen in the cornea where irregular characteristic corneal patterns accompanied of other visual tests that can indicate whether to refer the patients to ophthalmology services for a prompt diagnostic and treatment