Visual Capacity Evaluation

Having good vision doesn’t always mean you can see clear and sharp. We can see sharply and have an inefficient visual system, that can cause symptoms such as visual asthenopia, headaches or lack of enthusiasm for long or short distance activities such as reading. Thus so, every one of our visual skills has to be […]

Eye Test and Prescription

In Visionlive your opticians in Albox we can determine what visual deficiency your eye may have. Myopia (short-sightedness) is refractive defect that the image plane is formed in front of the retina and is corrected with negative lenses to compensate it. Farsightedness is when the focus of the image is localized behind the retina and […]

Contact lenses

At Visionlive your opticians in Albox, we have a professional contact lens service in which we can advise you on which are the best lenses for your lifestyle. Once we have tested your ocular health, a topography and your prescription we can tell you which design and material best adapts to your eye. We adapt […]

Corneal Topography

Corneal topography measures the strength your cornea has point by point, by which we can follow its evolution and adapt special lenses that require precise and exact data. It is a computerised diagnostic tool that creates a three dimensional map of the curved area of the eye. The cornea is the transparent outer layer of […]


With the tonometer we can check your intraocular pressure and we can see if your levels are within the correct parameters, this is useful in the cases of diseases such as Glaucoma where inadequate levels of intraocular pressure came damage the optic nerve and lead to irreversible damage to the eye. At Visionlive your opticians […]

Workshop Service

We have a service in which we can repair glasses, remount lenses in new frames. We also offer maintenance service to keep your glasses in perfect condition and we also adapt glasses so that they fit your face so they are always comfortable.

Visual therapy

80% of the information that reaches our brains is via the eyes, hence the importance of having a stable and well configured visual system. If all is working correctly we can perceive better what is around us and it will be easier to relate to our environment Seeing well is doesn’t mean seeing sharply, our […]