Visual therapy

80% of the information that reaches our brains is via the eyes, hence the importance of having a stable and well configured visual system. If all is working correctly we can perceive better what is around us and it will be easier to relate to our environment

Seeing well is doesn’t mean seeing sharply, our vision is composed of a series of abilities. We can see clearly but are not able to maintain the focus on close or far objects during a short interval of time. From here many of the school failures stem from this: these are children who don’t need prescription glasses because they can see clearly but some of the abilities fail them, due to this they can find it hard activities such as reading.

In Visionlive your opticians in Albox, we can evaluate each of these abilities that make up your vision and detect which of these is not doing its job, then we can design a personalised visual therapy program to resolve the problem.

In this way we can reestablish the visual ability that presented the problems and we integrate the rest of the abilities, ensuring that your vision is comfortable and can work comfortably at all distances during the time you require.

This type of visual problem can occur in Adults just as much as in children but the way of designing Visual Therapy exercises differ, as in the case of children although the visual abilities are the same being treated we do this in the most playful way possible. In this way we can treat accommodative, convergence insufficiencies, ocular motility problems, etc..